Safety tips to buy online mobile phones

There are handful numbers of trusted and reputed websites from where you can buy mobile phones online. And all of them bring you all the latest devices with brand new features. With improved storage, battery life, camera and latest features with genius AI can tempt you to buy them, however fee safety tips should always be kept in mine while shopping mobile online. Make sure to follow them.


Payment gateway

This is the most important part if you are placing the order not over COD, and paying immediately for it. Mobile prices in India varies from low budget to high. Make sure the payment gateway is safe. In maximum sites it is mentioned what gateway is used, who is the merchant. Also do jot save your card details over the websites and apps, also do not save passwords. Look the https sites instead of http, the extra‘s’ at the end provides a lot of ‘security’.

Details, warranty and return policy.

All the details as per your desires, choice and requirements should be check. Be it storage capacity to processor and camera quality. Make sure the warranty is available on the product for any soft damage. Also return policies, in case you not like it, shouldn’t be facing issue to return and get a refund of the device.

Make an unboxing Video

It is important because as sometimes you get a faulty piece of smartphone or sometimes you do not get it at all, in place, you may get some soap, according to previous incidents. So an unboxing video will be worth it to record and show them the whole procedure as evidence.

These were the most common and important safety tips to follow while buying a new smartphone.